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Healing Through Storytelling

The RISE Book Project Books are here! Check out the complete RISE Book Project Series and meet one of the author families.

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DECEMBER 30, 2023
Byrd Bar Place 11am - 2pm

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We are proud to work with King County families to develop children and family grief books that explore how to deal with the unexpected trauma of losing a parent to gun violence.

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Every child deserves to live a life free from the scourge of violence and the burden of fear.

The loss of a parent is an immensely distressing experience, particularly for a child. Traumatic grief goes beyond the scope of normal grief caused by natural circumstances, deeply impacting an individual’s well-being. When a member of our community falls victim to a bullet, the repercussions extend indefinitely, potentially affecting future generations if there is a lack of adequate support and investment in the lives of those affected by trauma.

In the face of this epidemic of gun violence, it is crucial for all of us to step up and embrace a comprehensive approach that integrates both public health strategies and holistic methods to facilitate healing and community support.

A world where healing and empowerment echo louder than gun violence.

Rooted in Black resilience, RISE serves as a sanctuary for those bereaved by gun violence, offering healing, support, and empowerment, while promoting positive growth and identity for impacted families.

We provide tools to assist in trauma recovery, healing-centered engagement, positive identity, professional development, and grief support for families impacted by gun violence.

What We Do


Lynniah Grayson, Founder and Executive Director of RISE
Lynniah Grayson
RISE Founder & Executive Director

Gun Violence is an Infectious Disease

The federal government has acknowledged that gun violence is a public health crisis. However, acknowledgment is not enough. Gun violence requires the same level of investment that was made in COVID-19. Why? Because it impacts us all. Gun violence is one of the most common ways to die, but easily the most preventable.

Regarding impact, I must take a moment to draw your attention to our children and the consequences of exposure to violence on child brain development. Children and youth exposed to chronic trauma can experience inhibited brain development. If left unaddressed, typically due to a lack of resources, childhood mental health problems will continue to grow and affect all areas of our children’s lives.

Children are dying, and mothers are suffering; fathers are vanishing. There is an intense and urgent need to save our beloved country. We must act quickly!

Lynniah Grayson
RISE Founder & Executive Director

Make a Difference

Help provide professional mental health and grief support services, childcare, and healing activities for children, caregivers, and families directly impacted by gun violence in our community.

Safety and security do not just happen; they are the result of collective consensus and public investment.

We owe our children, the most vulnerable citizens in our society, a life free of violence and fear.

– Nelson Mandela