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Reimagining Sanctuary: RISE Unveils a Space for Healing and Empowerment

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RISE Unveils a Space for Healing and Empowerment

Amid the relentless echoes of gun violence that touch our community, a profound transformation has unfolded at Resilient In Sustaining Empowerment (RISE). Today, we proudly unveil our newly transformed office suite—a sanctuary of healing and empowerment meticulously crafted to challenge despair and ignite hope.

Visionary Collaboration Breeds Transformation

Our journey began over a year ago when Stephen Yamada-Heidner from Architects Without Borders Seattle and I sat down to dream big. We envisioned a space that would be more than just walls and rooms—a space that would embody the strength, resilience, and spirit of the Black community we serve. Our conversations were filled with aspirations of creating an environment that blends beauty with functionality, fostering healing and empowerment at every corner. A heartfelt thank you to Cristina Acevedo and Kristen Becker over at Mutuus Studio for their visionary design and unwavering support in bringing our dreams to life.

Crafted With Intention, Built for Resilience

Every element of our new space has been chosen with care and purpose. The art on our walls, crafted by dope local artists like Perri Rhoden, does more than decorate—it heals. Perri’s piece, with its calming colors, is specifically designed to regulate the nervous systems of those who have experienced the unimaginable. It stands as a testament to the power of art in fostering emotional and psychological healing.

Our Kid’s Lounge is a vibrant testament to the resilience of our youth, featuring bright colors and inviting furniture that encourage play and creativity. The serene Nursery provides a peaceful retreat, safeguarding the innocence of our youngest with soft textures and comforting sounds.

Witnessing these changes with my daughter was a deeply emotional experience. Her awe and joy at each new space affirmed our efforts, highlighting that this transformation is not just physical—it’s an emotional and spiritual uplift for our entire community.

A Mosaic of Generosity and Unity

This transformation was powered by an extraordinary coalition of donors, volunteers, and partners. Their generosity has woven a rich tapestry of community support, fundamentally enhancing the fabric of our space. From the creative designs of Mutuus Studio to the stylish furnishings from IKEA Renton, every contribution has enriched our sanctuary.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to local artisans and businesses whose in-kind donations have made this possible. Kayser Wesner’s stylish and practical furniture, Brume’s uniquely crafted meeting table top, Mr. Studio’s awesome rug, and many others have transformed our space into a true haven of renewal and empowerment.

Deep Gratitude for Visionary Leadership

We owe profound thanks to Stephen Yamada-Heidner, whose architectural vision and heartfelt dedication have been pivotal in this endeavor. His ability to translate our community-centric vision into tangible spaces has been nothing short of visionary. His understanding of how architecture can heal and unite a community has been inspirational, guiding us through the process with grace and expertise.

Our Space, Our Promise

As we approach our grand opening this fall, this space stands as a living promise to our community—a pledge that here, healing is nurtured, and empowerment is fostered. This sanctuary is more than a place; it’s a dynamic environment where every corner is crafted to support, inspire, and transform lives.

A Call to Rally

We call upon all who believe in the power of transformation and the urgency of now. Join us as we step into this new chapter, fortified by our revamped sanctuary, to escalate our fight against gun violence. Your engagement is vital as we continue to sculpt a future where healing and hope triumph over fear and violence.

Together, we rise.

To our volunteers:

Thank you for your dedication and support. Your contributions have not only transformed a physical space but have also touched our hearts deeply.

If you would like to be part of the grand opening committee, please send an email to