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Little Heart, Big Courage. By Nishaya Paige. Illustrated by Zoe Crago.


At just seven years old, Nishaya “Shayshay” Paige is stepping into the world as an author with a story of resilience and hope. Her journey began in the shadow of tragedy when, at four years old, she lost her father, Terrance A. Paige, to gun violence. This profound loss marked the start of a mission driven by love, empowerment, and community support.

As the co-founder of R.I.S.E (Resilient and Sustaining Empowerment), Shayshay, along with her mother Lynniah, has created a haven for families affected by gun violence. This organization is a testament to their dedication to addressing the needs of this underserved community, providing support and fostering healing.

The release of “Little Heart, Big Courage” is not just the unveiling of a book; it’s the celebration of a young girl’s journey from loss to empowerment. Nishaya’s story is a beacon of hope, inspiring others to find strength and resilience in the face of adversity.