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Meet Our Founder

Lynniah Grayson is a groundbreaking and trailblazing social justice leader who has made a significant impact on a variety of important issues. Her work as an advocate for women and children, as well as her activism around gun violence, has been particularly noteworthy. As the Founder and Executive Director of Resilient In Sustaining Empowerment (RISE), she provides critical support and resources to those directly impacted by gun violence, including trauma recovery, healing centered engagement and grief support.

Lynniah is developing a framework to support gun violence survivors nationally, and has been an advocate for the rights of caregivers of children who have lost a parent to gun violence. In addition, Grayson has been a vocal proponent of economic empowerment and criminal justice reform. Her work has helped to bring attention to important issues and has led to meaningful change in many areas. Overall, Lynniah Grayson is a highly respected and influential leader in the field of social justice and civil rights advocacy. Her work has had a significant impact on many individuals and communities, and she continues to be a powerful force for change and progress.

Lynniah Grayson, Founder and Executive Director of RISE
Lynniah Grayson
RISE Founder & Executive Director


Our Community, Our Future
Source: Alliance for Gun Responsibility